Creating E-Commerce Categories that Please Google Search Algorithms

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June 22, 2021 Web Design & Development

When it comes to website development and creating e-commerce categories, it is essential to provide pages that are easily accessible to visitors. A messy e-commerce site can lead customers to be confused if products are placed in their correct category. For example, if an apple is put in the same category as school supplies, navigation through a shop would be confusing. Unorganized sites can also decrease the viewership as customers will go to more organized sites. A well-organized e-commerce site will increase viewership and bring in more customers. If you are uncertain about how to create an accessible site for customers, find an e-commerce website design company to assist in development. When creating e-commerce categories, here are some tips to consider.

Proper Product Categories

When starting an e-commerce site, putting all items in one category will be difficult for customers to navigate. By creating separate category pages based on the type of produce items, customers will have success finding what they need. For example, school supplies and chips, you would not put these two in the same category. If you are uncertain about how to create efficient categories, hire a website design company to assist. With a more organized site, more customers will continue to rate and buy from your store. More ratings will lead to a higher rank in the Google search algorithm.

Customize Headings

Properly utilizing your headings will assist in helping customers find the products they need. Headings will be the first thing to look out for when they are searching under specific categories. While some category heading might be a bit more simple, there are always ways to be creative. Headings allow customers to easily find what they need.

Category and Subcategory Pages

When you have multiple e-commerce products and pages, breaking your items into categories and subcategories can help narrow searches. Subcategory pages help customers find exactly what they need and want. For example, if a person is looking for a coffee pot, instead of searching under the kitchen and dining category page, they can look under small appliances to find what they need quicker. Providing subcategory pages can help provide quick and efficient shopping services for your clients. Ensuring you have the proper subcategories to simplify client's searches can be tricky. An e-commerce website design company can provide quality services to provide sufficient subcategories for your customers.

Quality and Consistent Images

An essential part of an e-commerce page is the appeal. A page with consistent and quality photos allows for customers to be more drawn into the products. When choosing photos for your products, select the ones that match the consistency of your site. A consistent sight will bring more customers in and more profit. When a page is disorganized, people are likely to get distracted and find their products elsewhere.

Website Design Services

With the competitive market of online stores, professional web designing can ensure your site is customer-friendly with an effective design. MacRAE’S website design services can assist in strengthening your web presence by professionally designing your web page. For more information, contact us today.