Beat Out the Competition with a Dental Digital Marketing Strategy

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November 17, 2020 Digital Marketing

If you own a dental practice, the internet is your best asset when it comes to promoting your business and acquiring new patients. More than 90% of all dental patients are actively searching for services and information online. That means you have a wealth of potential clients looking for your dental clinic. The caveat is you need to be found online in order for these patients to connect with your dental practice. Implementing smart SEO for dental office marketing is essential to show up on the top search results.

Studies conducted by dental SEO experts report that over 90% of people searching for dental services online choose their dentist from the first page of search results. Most people don't even look past that coveted first page of results. That is why specialized digital marketing for dentists is crucial for the growth of your practice and clientele.

Tips for Your Dental Digital Marketing Strategy

The most common sense tip to beating your competition with a successful marketing strategy is to get in touch with your patient's needs. Take time to brainstorm how your patients think and feel about your dental services. Realize you are speaking to their 'pain points' and discover ways to alleviate potential anxiety your patients might feel about dentistry.

For example, many people admit they delay making dental appointments because they are fearful of painful procedures. With this information in hand, you can address this in your digital marketing for dentists' campaign by mentioning your practice offers sedation or other superior pain management techniques. Other people put off dental treatment because they are concerned about the cost. Knowing this, you can offer discounts up-front, or even mention you provide an easy payment plan. Addressing people's pain points at the start of your marketing strategy puts your patient's fears to rest and encourages them to choose your dental office over your competitors.

Another smart tip that sets your SEO for dental websites apart from the rest is conducting proper keyword research. The primary objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to target keywords to your ideal client base so a connection is made when you are ranked on the first page of search results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Researching the right keywords is pivotal for overall success when it comes to digital marketing for dentists. To illustrate, if one of your potential patient's Google's "pain-free root canal near me" if that is your niche, then a well-executed keyword strategy will get your dental practice showing up on Google's first page of results for this keyword phrase.

There is more to SEO for dental offices than just loading your website with keywords. Your dental website must be created with meticulous care so that all criteria are met in order to optimize your site and get your dental practice the attention it deserves.

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