AdWords Management in Toronto: Dominate with AdWords

May 3, 2017 PPC Management

Rather than being a waste of time, Google’s AdWords are one of the most effective SEO strategies available. If you need help with close variants, you need the top Google Ads management in Toronto. By working closely with the right Google ads agency in Toronto, you will learn the correct way to use close variants for dominating AdWords.

As explained by the best PPC company in Toronto, AdWords involves placing an ad on Google, getting clicks, and then converting. However, since this process is somewhat challenging, experts recommend using management services from a PPC management agency. Google made “close variant matching” the default phrase for “match keywords” and “exact single keywords” specific to campaigns made with AdWords. The PPC agency in Toronto you hire will help you choose the correct close variants based on how people see your campaign in response to different types of queries.

To better understand how AdWords can dominate close variants, consider the following:

Keywords Spelled Incorrectly

Although unintentional, people frequently use misspelled keywords for searches. Therefore, you want to identify the most used misspelled keywords and use them as part of your ad. That way, even when people use the wrong spelling, they will still find your site. Including misspelled search words in your ad campaign will increase click-throughs to your site and conversions.

Grammar Variations

Searchers also type in keywords different from what you chose when searching for your online ad. As an example, for your keyword of “life insurance policy,” a searcher may type in “life insurance policies.” Regardless if the keyword is a verb or noun, a close variant such as this helps dominate Google’s AdWords.

By using close variants in your ad campaign, you will notice a significant increase in traffic to your site and the number of conversions. The more conversions, the more money you make. Something as simple as close variants is critical to the success of your online business. For help getting ahead of the competition, it is important to turn to a professional marketing company. After assessing your site, the expert will determine which SEO strategies are required.

Seeking Expert Help

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