A Comprehensive Approach to SEO Link Building

March 16, 2017 SEO

There are many different ways one can approach link building, but sometimes it can be easy to get caught up focusing on one or two of the same strategies.

1. Spend some Time to Research Your Competitors

One of the best things you can do to establish a strong SEO link building strategy is to research your competitors’ links. Not all of those links will be obtainable, but you never know what you might come across in your research. Along with researching direct competitors, it is also a good idea to review your indirect competitors within your niche.

2. Interlinking

This strategy can be particularly effective when you have a significant amount of content on your website. When that is the case, it is important to make the most of your content. Internal links can be a tremendous source for link building because you are able to exercise complete control over all of those links, including the anchor text as well as where they are located on the page. The key to making the most of this strategy is to use a mix of different types of anchor text.

3. Utilizing a RSS Feed

You probably already have a RSS feed if your website is run on a Content Management System. If you do not already have a RSS feed, now is the time to create one. This is a great way to provide additional value to your website visitors while also taking advantage of link building opportunities.

4. Create a Blog

With an increased emphasis on high quality content by Google, it is now more important than ever to ensure that you create content consistently. Blogs are a great way to do this, but also presents the chance to attract links to your content in a natural manner. The key to keep in mind here is that the creation of a blog on its own will not actually result in any links. You will need to work at this technique, but it can be incredibly effective in terms of attracting links, if you do it right.

5. Building Relationships

Networking has always been important to cultivating business relationships and that is no less true when it comes to online relationships. You never know what might come from even a simple act, such as congratulating someone on a major milestone via social media. Also, do not be afraid to get involved and participate in surveys or take advantage of other opportunities where you can launch conversations with others. You may also find that conferences can be a great way to build industry relationships. While many people tend to avoid conferences, you never know what type of long-term contacts you might make. Finally, do not be afraid to give back by answering questions on Quora, Twitter or other sites where those in your industry tend to spend time. This is a great way to become established as a subject matter expert while also increasing your online exposure.

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