5 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Pay Per Click Campaign in Toronto

May 26, 2017 PPC Management

If you are interested in a pay per click campaign in Toronto for your online business but are not sure what to do or who to turn to, it is important to identify a reputable PPC agency in Toronto. The agency you hire should offer years of experience and expertise in providing a host of SEO solutions, including pay per click. Not only will you have support in getting your campaign started, but you’ll also get excellent guidance and ongoing management for maintaining long-term success.

The bottom line is that the right professional will get your campaign started but also provide excellent PPC campaign management in Toronto. Quickly, you will begin to see a marked increase in the volume of traffic to your site, greater online brand visibility, and a higher number of conversions that lead to more online sales and enhanced profits.

  1. Proper Campaign Structure – With the assistance of a top PPC agency in Toronto, you never have to worry about the structure of your campaign, which is often glossed over. However, your campaign structure is critical to help people visualize your message. Included in the structure are one or several ad groups, appropriate keywords, images or text, and a landing page.
  2. Ad Extensions – Also, the professional who you hire will utilize ad extensions, which increase the ad size, site ranking, and click-through rate. Instead of an abundance of information, these extensions provide snippets of text to your ad, making them powerful.
  3. Strategic Remarketing – Strategic remarketing is an important aspect of PPC campaign management in Toronto. When it is customer-centered and designed to meet customers where they are in their journey, remarketing increases the bids on ads, which lead to more conversions.
  4. Comprehensive Keyword Search – Researching appropriate keywords is also critical to your campaign. Instead of wasting money on HEAD keywords, which have a lower conversation rate compared to long tail keywords, the expert targets those relevant to your site and its content.
  5. Landing Page – One of the costliest of all mistakes of a PPC campaign involves driving traffic to a homepage with a ton of information about your business. Instead, you will achieve better results by directing prospects to a specific landing page.

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